Alzheimer's & Me

This is the post I’ve found the hardest to write, when you feel so passionately about something it’s hard to find the words precious enough to explain how you feel.

My Grandad is the reason this journey began, he suffered from Alzheimer's for over 10 years and I was hopeless to help. Even if I was the most qualified doctor on the planet, I’d still be hopeless. There is no current cure.

I decided to use my passions for a purpose and raise money in a way I know how; through art. Not only do I want to raise money but I want to spread awareness which is why I am combining my love of art, travel and fashion (that I know I share with others) with the Alzheimer's identity in my journey.

Since starting this project I have been overwhelmed with the beautiful people that have contacted me with the experiences they have gone through living in a family affected by Alzheimer’s. I hope we can change this together.

I have a sadness in my heart but a fire in head to make this change for not only others but ourselves. Last June my Grandad became free of Alzheimer’s, below is my letter to him.

Dear Grandad,

I want you to know that I’m going to try my best to help for a better future for people with Alzheimer's. I hope we are moving forward to a day where we can beat it, because I can’t think of anything worse than watching more loved ones fade away. I’m scared I won’t be able to remember these moments and loved faces that make me alive and I am angry there was nothing here to help you.

After years and years of not hearing you say my name, have a smile on your face, speak a word or live the life that you used to I’m happy that you’re free, but I will miss you until we laugh together again.

I’d see old couples having afternoon tea and I was so angry at the world that the disease stole that time from you, but seeing Nanny visit you every single day even when you couldn’t speak or move, was a love completely unconditional. I hope one day I find a love like yours. Thank you for being the best grandparents I could ask for, we’ll take care of Nanny (stop worrying!)

I want you to know I still remember the man that you ARE, no disease can ever take that away from us. You’re my Grandad who would spin me around to Elvis, dancing daft until we were contagiously laughing. The generous gentleman who gave his time to others, and had the kindest heart. I won’t forget the times we had down by the sea, I’ll think of you when I hear the waves, remembering the moments I would fly my kite with you as the tide would come in, lost in the moments of being a carefree child.

I love the simple but beautiful things the world is blessed with which reminds me of you. Your love for the outdoors, planting your beautiful garden, and seeing a smile on peoples faces.

We’ll laugh again some other day my rock n roll king!

Love always,




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