Emmaleena Grimmy Art.JPG
Emmaleena Grimmy Art.JPG

"Use your passions for a purpose."

Emmaleena is a London artist raising money for The Alzheimer's Society.


This is the post I’ve found the hardest to write, when you feel so passionately about something it’s hard to find the words precious enough to explain how you feel.


My Grandad is the reason this journey began, he suffered from Alzheimer's for over 10 years and I was hopeless to help. Even if I was the most qualified doctor on the planet, I’d still be hopeless. There is no current cure.


I decided to use my passions for a purpose and raise money in a way I know how; through art. Not only do I want to raise money but I want to spread awareness which is why I am combining my love of art with the Alzheimer's identity in my journey.